11 March 2011

Dark Orange Brownies with Brazil Nuts

Mmmmm you got to love a brownie. But nuts or no nuts? Chewy or moist? Topping? Serve with cream or ice cream?
There are so many brownie recipes out there and they are all fantastic but it really depends what YOU like. So look at the recipe and take out and replace it with something you want.

This is what I love...BRAZIL NUTS. Full of protein and they have high selenium content. This is an antioxidant and helps reduce risk of cancer and protects against premature aging.


Oven 180°C
300g butter
300g (2 blocks Green and Blacks 70% dark chocolate, and one block Maya gold dark)
5 large eggs
300g dark muscovado sugar
Two vanilla pods seeds scraped out
75g Brazil nuts chopped with knife don't use machinery, the chunkier the better.
200g wholemeal plain flour

Grease roasting dish or fairly big oven tray and line with greaseproof paper. The size of tin depends on how chunky you like your brownies.
Melt chocolate and butter in bowl over hot water; this could take a while so concentrate on stirring this first.

Once melted, turn off heat.

In a mixing bowl add sugar and eggs, whisk, add vanilla seeds. Make sure all the lumps from the sugar have disappeared. Then fold in the flour, add the chocolate mixture and stir in nuts.

Pour in tray and strictly time for 20mins. Take out and leave, it will keep on cooking. Wait until its completely cool and cut up.