29 March 2011

Cheesecake thoughts

Katy Perry was getting a bit much, it's getting late and I am thinking about what treats to take into NSPCC tomorrow.

Gosh if I'm not thinking about food, I'm sleeping. This could be a problem.

I've switched to the soundtrack from Fantastic Mr Fox.

Just researching about the classic cheesecake.

Looking through my cookbooks and goodfood.com these are my thoughts:
what biscuit base is best?
Soft cheese mixed with mascarpone could be too heavy
why do I want to turn everything chocolate flavoured?
I hate repairing my bike puncture

Once I attempted a banoffee pie for my friend Kitty and the biscuit base didn't set, actually nothing did. But bless her she was over the moon to receive it and she never told me how it tasted. That was a total mess, but tomorrow I will be precise and patient and make a beautiful formed cheesecake.

I will bake my own biscuits in the morning.

Goodnight and check the recipe tomorrow, actually I know you will. I will text you to remind you.

Beans secret cider cellar
Kristofferson's theme
Let her dance xxx