21 March 2011


Album on 'Old Skool Club Classics'

This takes 6 hours to set, and will be a perfect mousse texture.

Depending on how many people you are serving use this measure: 1 person = 60g chocolate 2 large eggs

I'm greedy and wanted to try a big batch, I'm paying for it now...big sugar rush. That's why I got the club album on!

250g G&B 70% chocolate

5 large eggs separated

2 tsp light muscovado sugar

melt chocolate in bowl over boiling water, then once this is done stir in the 5 egg yolks. Transfer to another bowl.

Whisk the 5 egg whites in a clean dry bowl, one spot of water and its downhill.

Add sugar and whisk until white peaks.

Then fold in half of egg white mixture with tablespoon in chocolate bowl, quickly whisk in the rest

Fill your containers and leave in the fridge for 6 hours. Enjoy your day or night!

Once ready to serve sprinkle some nuts on or banana chips. OR use G&B other dark flavour chocolates.

It's very rich and good for you IF you use good quality chocolate.