22 March 2011

Pasta with pesto

No I didn't hand make the pasta OK!

Slight pressure of having a food/recipe blog is that you got to be different and stand out from other recipe blogs.

Not me, I'm just being myself. Whatever I cook or try, if I think it's cool then I take a picture of it on my iPhone and blog about it.

Today I ran 10 miles, I'm doing it every Tuesday and my legs feel like iron. I'm just so hungry when I get in, if I see Sophie at the door (beautiful cat) she looks like a white marshmallow I could happily eat.

I get in looking slightly unattractive and tip some pasta in a pot, fill with water, drizzle oil and let it boil.

Got my mini blender and put in:
pine nuts
Parmesan, not too much you might want to grate some on top.
sunflower seeds
fresh coriander lots and lots
olive oil
2 macadamia nuts
pinch of sesame seeds

blend until it looks like pesto.

drain pasta and stir in.


oh one more thing, today I realised its SO nice when someone is always happy to see you.