1 April 2011

90's Breakfast

WOO HOO day off!

Album 'You've come a long way baby' by Fatboy Slim

Got up at 10am, looked at the diary, and yes nothing scheduled. No one to see, nothing to do. This meant one thing: fry up.

I put lots of my favourite things in the oven and frying pan.

Sausages in oven.
Sprinkled oregano on fried egg.
Fried spinach with cherry tomatoes in chili oil.
Small can of baked beans in a small pot.
Grilled halloumi.

This should keep me full for most of the day! Hopefully yoga won't be a massive struggle, but I wouldn't advise eating this 2 hours before a session.

Working, resting or playing: make your Friday one to remember.