17 April 2011


Oven on 200°C

You will need:
greased tin
good album on 'Loud' Rihanna

first cake:
225g butter melted
4 medium eggs
225g caster sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
225g self raising flour

whisk butter and sugar then add everything else in until its a pale thick batter.

bake for 45 minutes.
let it cool.

Whisk the ingredients for the second cake using same ingredients.

When both cakes have cooled down slice horizontally so you have 4 divine smelling sponges.

100g butter
100g white chocolate melted
200g icing sugar

raspberry jam

100g butter melted
200g icing sugar

sandwich layers with cream,jam or both.

cover cake with more butter cream with a touch of pink colouring.

I ran to the shops, was going to pick up smarties but the M&M's were eyeing me up. It looks fun don't you think?