2 April 2011

Brownies at Broadway

I LOVE BROWNIES, so I cycled to Broadway Market in Hackney to see what the locals were offering.
£15 later, my jeans no longer fit and I can't look at chocolate for another day!

Here are my top 5 in descending order:

In at number 5

Brownie from a lady who looked like she can't smile.
Very cakey texture 
quite dry, I think slightly over done. Tasted like chocolate cake than brownie sip of tea...next please

Number 4:
Beverly Hills Walnut Brownie Was surprised to see only two stalls that offered brownies with nuts, and only walnuts.The nuts were too finely chopped, but a lovely moist texture Soft melt in the mouth feeling.
Gulp of tea...next please

Number 3:
Artisan brownie
slight crunch at the top, but a mousse and squidgy texture.

Not bad for £2, the size is generous too.

Number 2:

Brownie from Coco and Me. The pistachio, hazelnut and cranberry on this brownie looked nice. I ate more of this one, it was delicious.

The winner according to moi is:

Flour Power City Brownie
perfect texture!

big portion
no need for nuts
When I go back to Broadway I'm heading straight here.

And just buying ONE brownie!