13 April 2011

Cereal box NOT bar

Mornings can be tough. Maybe you just don’t want to get up and deal with work and certain people. Those extra few minutes in bed are wonderful.
When you do find the energy to get up, shower and dress, you still need to sort out the most important meal of the day!
In the week you might not have time for the full fry up, pancakes or delicious sandwiches.
So I rely on cereal. I understand if you don't, everyone fancies something they are comfortable with in the morning. Most importantly the intake of fibre and protein is essential.
Here are my favourite three cereal brands:
They are quick, tasty, can be healthy, and your left with a bowl and spoon to wash.

1. Weetabix
High in fibre, good for your heart, contains vitamins that support proper heart function and prevention of migraines.
Mita – fix
Splash of cold milk and:
Brown sugar
Banana and raspberries
Kiwi and banana
Blueberries and strawberries
Splash of cold milk and dollop of yoghurt with:
Chopped cherries
Banana chips
Fresh mango
Passion fruit and pomegranate
With dried fruits can be just as good if you like to chew on something in the morning...
Called in sick when you really are?
Try Weetabix with hot milk and sugar.
Or my gran used to pour chai over hers.
‘Porridge’ it in a pan and add cinnamon and honey
2. Bran Flakes
Very high in fibre and in iron. Very good for digestion and prevents stress and increases energy.
You can try some other fruits like the above but for me nearly every morning I have chopped banana on bran flakes.
It just goes; the crunchy taste of the bran combined with the soft banana is too good.
3. Special K red berries
The dried fruits are raspberry, cherry and strawberry. Not bad for the price when each of these dried fruits in packets are very expensive.
Contains 6 types of vitamins, low in fat and high in folic acid, no wonder everyone is trying the diet!
So with this cereal I have chopped banana (yes I love it)
Fresh strawberries
Green and red grapes
Dried mango
If you don’t have some of these things to hand make it part of your shopping trip. Keeping dried fruits or nuts in the cupboard and fresh fruit visible makes the little people in your house snack on something healthier than a packet of crisps.
Being around kids most of the time I’ve learnt that children copy and pick up your food habits – good and bad. So start adding something colourful to your bowl, you help yourself and the ones around you.
Two more things:
A bowl of fibre beats a bowl of sugar, coco pops rocks but not all the time.
I know a man who pours orange juice over his cereal not milk.