30 April 2011

Counselling the Cake

Album 'The Raw And The Cooked' by The Fine Young Cannibals.

It's not easy baking fold this whisk that, you might not be sure why you are doing it but the end result is what counts! Mistakes come and go and whether you fight or fly is something only you know!

When I started baking, most of the cakes I made turned out disastrous.

They had issues, and to avoid the damage being done again I'm going to try and address some of them.

Sit down cake and talk it out with me....

Dip Cake

DC "So I didn't rise and now I look weird"
Mita "First of all you don't look that weird, what happened was your baker opened the door too early and let cold air in.
DC "Can I rise after that?"
Mita "Unfortunately you can't, but how about covering up with some butter cream?
DC " I don't mind covering up but what should I do to stop it happening again?
Mita "What do you think your baker should do?"
DC "Be patient? Maybe not over whisk me or open the oven door before 30minutes!"
Mita "Cool, good plan I would still eat you!"
DC "Thanks....that's weird see you later"

Crunch Cake

CC "I got burnt at the side and was still nice and soft at the top"
Mita "Sorry to hear that, it sounds like you were baked under stress... what do you think?"
CC "Maybe...I normally take about 1 hour to a hour and a half on a medium heat. But I only took 50 minutes on a high heat!"
Mita "Wow only 50 minutes"
CC "50 minutes for a big cake is not long enough, my baker should be patient and bake when he/she has the time to do it"
Mita "You sound angry"
CC "I'm under a lot of pressure, especially if the tin has been greased."
Mita "This sounds rushed"
CC "Your right, not a way a cake should be baked. Anyway have to go and cover myself in chocolate, Bye!"

Hard Biscuit

HB " I'm too hard"
Mita " Well um...why do you think that is?"
HB "I was overcooked"
Mita "Right, you were overcooked"
HB "Yes, we get crunchier when left to cool"
Mita "I see"
HB "I wish others could see and not get scared that we will be raw! It's better to bake us for 20 minutes then take us out"
Mita "I understand, how are you feeling now?"
HB "Still hard"

Muffin Top

MT "I'm so big, I get stuck on the paper case, why is this happening to me?"
Mita "This sounds like it's making you feel sad, what do you think?"
MT "I get messy and cannot be enjoyed"
Mita "what do you think is happening?"
MT "I have to cool down completely. Or I don't need paper cases the tray can be greased. I better go and save my friends".

Shrink Cake

SC "Not sure why I have to see you, I know what the problem is"
Mita " What do you think it is?"
SC "I keep on shrinking because I am baked for too long"
Mita "so you keep on shrinking because you are baked for too long, what else?"
SC "is there more?"
Mita "yes, other possibilities are the oven is too hot or the baker used an improper mixing procedure"
SC "right...maybe I do need help, see you next week"

Brownie Problem

B "Sometimes I just don't turn out right. How can I be perfect?"
Mita " Well there is no such thing as the perfect brownie because everyone has a preference"
B "Oh I get it, so I'm never going to be perfect?"
Mita "You are already perfect for people who like you just as you are"
B "My best mate orange brownie says I am boring because I have no nuts"
Mita "Well most people I know love a brownie with no nuts, so Orange Brownie sounds like she is being unkind"
B "Maybe... she has a rep for being nutty"