1 April 2011

I'm a CHOCOHOLIC are you??

Use Nutella instead of butter?

Yes you tried the chocolate flavoured Weetabix.

Your pudding is always chocolate fudge cake.

You hide Maltesers under your bed and cry if you left them under your pillow because they are squashed.

Thought you found a milk button on your jacket but it was actually the button?

“Yes” or “Gosh Mita that’s a great idea”

My tips are: Get a grip, eat in moderation.

Eat chocolate with minimum 30% cocoa mass. It’s always on special offer at the supermarkets!
Chocolate can come cheap but so can everything else.

Why eat it? Because it’s delicious, sweet, comforting and feels a bit naughty.

Also the darker the chocolate the better it is for you, read this study: http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20030827/dark-chocolate-is-healthy-chocolate

These were my favourites and now my ex’s:
Flipz (chocolate covered pretzels)
Terry’s chocolate orange
Jaffa cakes

I only nibble on G&B’s now and again; it’s the chocolate I use in all my baking too.

Ha the next recipe on the blog is chocolate and....