25 April 2011

Lamb Shanks with Chocolate and Wine

At Easter chocolate doesn't have to be in an egg mould...

I wanted to combine chocolate to these lamb shanks, and found out Green and Blacks have already covered something similar. They are too good!

Here is my version:

Get the oven on 200°C

2 lamb shanks

100g butter

50g wholemeal self raising flour

1 large red onion

olive oil

200ml red wine

1 tablespoon pomegranate sauce

300ml lamb stock

half teaspoon of mustard powder

100g dark chocolate minimum 70% cocoa solids

4 cardamom pods

half tsp nutmeg

1 star anise

3 bay leaves

In a bowl add the flour, mustard powder, salt and pepper.

Cover the lamb shanks with this and put to one side.

With the rest of the flour mixture rub in 50g of butter.

Fry the cardamom and star anise in some olive oil, add the chopped red onion.

Using a slotted spoon take out the chopped onion and put in casserole dish.

Keep the heat on the frying pan and brown the lamb.

Put lamb in casserole dish

pour stock into same frying pan, add rest of butter, wine and flour mixture. whisk for a few minutes until it's thick.

pour over lamb and cook for one hour and a half.

once lamb falls off bone, stir in the chocolate.

serve with mash and salad.

I totally forgot to take a picture when I was serving, so did it when the plate got messy.

sorry, it was just so tasty we had to tuck in!

Hope you had a great weekend.x