26 May 2011

Power Loaf

KT Tunstall 'Eye To The Telescope'

So what was the weather like today hey?

Clear skies...red dress no tights

Grey clouds...keep the jacket close

Dark grey clouds...oh crap please don't

Drizzle..put the oven on, you know your not going out

There it goes...full on rain thumping on your window. Sounded beautiful, and happy that I had my Melissa boots on :)

This is my story:
Oven 180°C
peeled and squashed one clementine with a potato masher
did the same with one banana
mixed together
poured some caster sugar...now I think it was about 150g.
The mixture looked like I added egg and butter...but clearly not

Switched to KT's new album 'Tiger Suit'

Poured some vegetable oil...200ml
splash of milk
two handfuls of self raising flour (white was the only one available here)
tipped in some baking powder
and some raisins

Sorry about the estimates, I will try this cake again and be accurate.

Mixed and poured into a loaf tin.
Baked for 20minutes until golden brown.

I was so surprised that it turned out looking so nice, stressing about the texture I let it cool for one hour.

But it turned out perfect. If you tasted it you would not have guessed it contained no eggs or butter.

Drizzled icing

More weird fruit cake combinations soon.

'Power Loaf' because the whole process got me through the rest of the day, and has made my week a whole lot sweeter.

Next time I will try:

using gluten/wheat free flour
soy milk