17 May 2011

This little foodie went to market...


Hot Fuss by The Killers

This is also Clare's favourite album, because I had it on nearly everyday throughout second year at university.

I bet it's still the last song they play in Oceania, Kingston.

Look how cute my table is...

I was at Rushmore School in Clapton last Sunday with the following treats:

Orange chocolate brownies with macadamia nuts

Almond sponge with black cherry jam and cream

Milk chocolate brownies

Lemon cupcakes with chocolate icing

Kids cake with smarties and no butter

It's different when you bake or cook for friends because they know you and how much effort you put in. But to a complete stranger it has to look, smell and be worth the price after the first bite.

Also not many people will buy cake in the morning, so I put some free tasters out so people could taste and come back later.

The bread stall to my left me was very busy and the kids stall to my right had a big fan club. There I was in the middle smiling and greeting every single person that looked my way.

Sales started to pick up at 12 and I sold out of nearly everything by half 3. It was a learning experience because I got most things right but forgot that some people didn't want to eat the cake or brownie straight away.

Next time:

wooden forks

paper bags

cardboard boxes


It was a great atmosphere and YES I will do this again.

Watch this space for WHERE and WHEN.