29 May 2011

The Vanilla Bakery

Album - not really sure, Jay has some old school remixes. Now its Babylon Zoo, before that it was Dubstar.

This weekend I am in Bury St Edmund's and let me tell you this is little town has surprised me with a sweet secret...

We went to the market yesterday and of course being a foodie I wanted to check out what sort of food was sold, especially baked goods.

I came across a stall that made me smile and made me feel loved.

Customers that were in the que knew what to expect, home baked quality goodness.

As for me, the chocolate brownie was staring and wanting to be taken!

Jay went for the Spinach and Feta muffin, Vina I think was drooling a bit.

Hold on Oasis is on

They are called the Vanilla Bakery and I had the pleasure of being served by Gemma, she was kind enough to offer me advice about setting up my own stall and what her company meant to her.

The selection she had looked and smelt amazing, a great range of sweet and savoury. The Patisserie was so diverse and at that point I wish I took out more cash.

So if you ever go to Bury St Edmund's please visit the Vanilla Bakery on a Saturday and I promise, you will leave happy and with a bit of chocolate on your face.


The brownie was perfect in every way

The muffin was moreish and we were like three cave people, still picking bits off the muffin case.

Finishing on Saint Etienne 'Only love can break your heart'.