29 June 2011

Chocolate Prune Cake

Album 'The Essential Toni Braxton' Toni Braxton 2007

Yes I know what your thinking...

'Eww prunes in a cake? Mita you create some weird dishes' and 'Toni Braxton...classic'

This could have been called 'The Ultimate Chocolate Cake' and maybe got different responses. But honesty is the best policy!

I know with most dishes it's not going to please everyone, and maybe it's not your cup of tea. That's cool and I won't take it personally! Constructive feedback however is important and is needed to progress, also to get better and cook stuff people will try not just what I like.

I doubt lots of you will wrap bacon around banana or freeze grapes but all the recipes on this blog taste good, and if I mess up a dish I STILL blog about it.

Sorry grammar is all over the place, well it's not perfect on a good day, but anyway I'm getting tired but will finish!

Oven on 180°c
Melt 200g G&B dark chocolate

Meanwhile separate 4 eggs

In the egg white bowl whisk and add 100g caster sugar in batches until it forms firm peaks

In the egg yolk bowl whisk in 100g caster sugar, 250g soft butter

Fold in the same bowl 200g wholemeal plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 100g cocoa powder, 50g ground almonds

Then add the melted chocolate and fold in the egg whites

Blend 100g soft prunes and stir in the batter

Pour in big cake tin (30 cm diameter) and bake for one hour

Don't eat too many slices! I handed them out to the neighbours and to a funky juice bar.

Night Night