14 June 2011

The Chopping Board



Last night I fell asleep on my laptop! Just shows food is the first thing on my mind and the last.

So my chopping board has cleared my head and I have an idea of what to create. I learnt the mood board technique when I was in my fashionista phase. It's a creative way to get you to explore what your thinking of and viewing it.

First it's all about starting off small then thinking big comes later....

Right now I'm starting the day with a bowl of Bran Flakes.



Album 'BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge Vol 5' disc two

What do you do if you have an idea or loads of them? WRITE IT down and they might happen!

What you see is my inspirational food board, it will change when I change my mind about something.

I've called it the chopping board because this way I can chop the ideas that might not work and try and focus on what I want to do the most.


Wow! This poster has now come down and since June the blog now has a focus = MUSIC, FOOD and MITA.