22 June 2011

Come Dine with Mita

Album ‘Best of En Vogue’

Last night I cooked a variety of dishes to bid farewell to Garry. The weather was decent so I set the table outside and it was incredibly relaxing. Even better that it was mid week and it felt like a Friday night.

I was so busy that I forgot to take individual snaps of the dishes, sorry!

Depending on how many friends you are having, it can be hectic to cook a variety of dishes and you will feel like you are on ‘Come Dine with Me’. Time management has got to be spot on too, last night I prepared and cooked all these in one hour; I wish I had a PA.

Fresh Ciabatta with different spreads on each slice
Sweet potato and carrot chips spiced with fenugreek and cumin powder
Boiled eggs in dill pesto with feta
Mange tout and mozzarella salad
Spicy chick pea slices
Spiced asparagus and mushroom in tomato sauce
Fried halloumi with black olive tapenade
Apricot, walnut and rocket with brown cous cous
Elderflower cordial with apple and raspberries
Baked fruits with crème fraiche

So what works?

Salads are always a winner, and healthy.
One or two meat dishes
Fish nibbles
Vegetarian/vegan burgers
Fruit skewers
Stuffed vegetables (peppers, aubergines, mushrooms)
Large fruit ready to be picked
Fresh bread
Dips/ home made sauces
Remember if it’s a lot of people they will be standing and talking so nothing too fiddly.
A spicy dish to get everyone drinking more
Mini cheesecakes

When having a BBQ the above could slightly change, and many more dishes could be created. Personally the standard burgers, hot dogs and crisps is an easy fix and does not impress me, unless all of it was home made! But more on BBQ’s next month.

About food and friends:

It’s an investment that should last: but unfortunately we all know that’s not the case for friends, some do have a ‘best before date’.

Get some help from friends or others when you have to prepare lots of food, you don’t want to rush.

Don’t leave the washing for your housemates!

Quality wins over quantity.

Buy expensive feta, it’s worth it.