19 June 2011

Dill Pesto

Album 'The Third Rail' Doug Boyle

100g Dill

50g Pine nuts

Olive oil

few leaves of flat leaf parsley

30g Parmesan

1 garlic clove

Blend and taste to see if you need more of something.

I've put mine in a jar and will enjoy later with pasta

Pesto is so versatile...use any herb you like.

You can even freeze it!

Try lemon thyme and parsley

Or coriander with turmeric pesto

Sun dried tomatoes with fennel

Chive and black olive pesto

Any herb...yes even MINT, which would be lovely with asparagus or walnuts in a salad.

When I start typing suggestions my mind has so many ideas it would be too much to get it all down!

Post your creations if you like.