20 June 2011

In The Middle Of A Chain Reaction

Album 'Eaten Alive' Diana Ross 1985

When walking down a high street and seeing the familiar ‘chain’ restaurants/ cafes, I cringe. There is something not unique about them anymore. It’s like they have lost ‘it’ and focused on money, money, money.

Of course everyone started off solo and as they grew, and got more successful the expanded and invested in other locations, personally that doesn’t make it individual anymore. I think when an establishment has a personal touch its special; so customers will make the effort to come and find you. And yes, money plays a big part but surely this could jeopardise reputation if customers have a negative experience elsewhere.

Obviously this is my own opinion and would love to discuss it with anyone over a coffee (not at Starbucks!).

Imagine finding a new cafe that you grew to love and only wanting it to be yours. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed by the service or food by the same company, it would be awful.

Roads that excite me:

Kingsland Road (Dalston, London)
Mare Street (Hackney, London)
Bermondsey High Street (London)
Sydney Road (Melbourne, Australia)
Brunswick Street (Melbourne, Australia)
Flinders Lane (Melbourne, Australia)
Camden Passage (London)

I have travelled further than London and Australia! If I remember anymore I will let you know.

What roads excite you with food?

Ps how cool is the album cover...listen and love.x