14 June 2011

Indian Chorizo Sandwich

Album 'Elton John' 1970

'Your Song' popped up in my head today, weird how that happens to me everyday. It's like I have a soundtrack for the day.

This was my lunch, there was an option of a basic ham, but I had chorizo and wanted a kick to it.

The only ingredients I chopped were garlic and cucumber, that's pretty good for me!

About 4 cumin seeds

half teaspoon of:

black pepper


chilli powder

fry all of this (except cucumber) with a bit of vegetable oil for one minute

then add chorizo and cover both sides with the spice and let it fry for another minute on each side

Toast two slices of brown bread

add cucumber slices

rip some lettuce

put the chorizo in and serve straight away.