19 June 2011

Indulgent Breakfasts

Album 'Mary Poppins Original Soundtrack'

Apart from curry and cake, breakfast is just as important to me.

So this morning I wanted something special on a plate, something slightly over the top and warm.

Wholemeal submarine roll

2 poached eggs


One dssp Philadelphia mixed with bit of fresh ginger and half a tsp of ginger powder


Jenna if your reading this, sorry...it was best we had fruit yesterday we needed it!!

Anyway this roll was amazing and the ginger was not too overpowering but warming. Just what I needed.

Something about poaching eggs:

It takes practice, don't do the following:

Whirl the water

use a massive pot

use vinegar

use oil

crack the egg to high

raise the heat

Here's what to do:

boil half a pan of water, make sure the pot is fairly small, reduce the heat a bit

crack the egg close the pan and just wait

Poached eggs look nicer, more posh don't you think?

Posh breakfasts...where are they? Who wants them? If I opened up a high end breakfast cafe would it work?

Is it all about a greasy spoon? its cheap, does the job and its quick.

I don't see enough indulgent breakfast options in cafes, especially around east London. Maybe there is a reason for it! Are you willing to try something different for breakfast?

So many questions, but it's something I would like to discuss with fellow foodies.

It's always 'English or American' to sort out the hangover, and I want to explore and try other options.

To start the weekend and to finish it would you eat/ try any of the below for brunch?

Eggs Benedict with orange juice

Wholemeal Waffles, syrup and blueberries with a smoothie

Thai spiced scrambled eggs on toast with watercress and elderflower cordial to guzzle

Smoked salmon, olive oil, and rocket on an English muffin with apple juice

Indian spicy vegetarian sausage sandwich with mint yoghurt

Bacon, sausage sandwich with sundried tomatoes and mozzarella

Organic chunky porridge with clementine brandy marmalade

Granola with chopped banana, cherry yoghurt and a glass of milk

Banana and walnut muffins with apple juice

Wholemeal scones with morello cherry jam and double cream or strawberry champagne conserve...served with champagne!

I feel like I could go on for another hour but I don't want you to look away!

Think about what is essential in a cooked breakfast/ brunch at the weekend, what comes to my mind are the following:





orange juice

grilled/ fried mushrooms
grilled tomatoes

hash browns

Over the next two weeks I will be cooking indulgent breakfasts but trying to stay away from the list above.

Gosh as well as being a vegetarian for the next week I have set myself a difficult task!

But I will keep one of my favourite quotes on repeat...

'he who dares wins' Del Boy

Clearly she who dares wins will be just as successful.