13 June 2011

'Jus Roll' With It

Album 'True Blue' Madonna 1986

I chose this album because on my cycle back home 'La Isla Bonita' popped in my head.

BRILLIANT choice, especially today.

No.... nothing to with my dad telling me off about a guy!

I had a call today, and it was amazing.

I believe in this:

If you work hard at something, and feel passionate about it then good things will happen for you.
ps you have to be a good person, selfish people don't deserve anything!

Yes all a bit spiritual, but true.

Just roll with it I think, no rush or pressure. You don't know what I'm on about...soon you will know.

'Jus Roll' puff pastry
one chicken breast chopped
one grated carrot
fresh chilli flakes
olive oil
Leerdammer Cheese

Wrap the above in puff pastry and seal with a fork.

Stab a few times and cook in the oven 200°C for half an hour until pastry is light brown.

Enjoy and remember be good..x