29 June 2011

Lost Bread

Album 'The Very Best Of RUN-DMC' by RUN-DMC

An album that motivated me to run at 7am in my Adidas.

The truth is I can't stay in bed after my alarm goes off, got to get up and run before work. Crazy yes, but if you eat well then you need to balance it out with exercise.

I couldn't find my fresh bread after the run, and when it was staring at me ON TOP of the bread bin I knew I had to dip it in egg and milk.

2 eggs whisked

splash of milk

2 thick slices of seeded bread

pinch of cinnamon

drop of vanilla essence

There are many names for this toast, here are 3:

French toast (served with something sweet)

Eggy bread (on this blog with spices)

Roman bread

Lovely to have for breakfast with beans, and I know many kids who love to eat this with beans.