5 June 2011

Miss Samosa

Album 'You've Come A Long Way Baby' Fatboy Slim

Chosen because I have come a long way, two years ago I was an Eastie Mess!
I wanted to be a fashion designer, then a counsellor.
I'm glad I continued cooking.

Thanks to the support from reliable friends and loving family I am right here right now blogging about my passion.

Enough emotional stuff, I'll call Jenna or Clare later to let them hear it!

So Wolverhampton was full of cooking and guess what I learnt HOW TO COOK SAMOSAS.

This is big news, my mum and grans samosas are the best I have ever tasted. Do you know why?
Because they are perfectionists.

I'm not going to write how to actually make them; I want to keep some of it a secret. It is a really long process but if you had loads of people involved you can get them done in a few hours.
I remember at my grans house at Rayleigh Road when all the women in our family would help make them, and also papri (pappadoms).I would slyly eat the raw papri dough then regret it later.

They had a production line, and my gran was like the head chef; she would come from the kitchen and swop people around if they didn't perform to how she wanted things done.
Very clever woman and the most creative cook I know!