21 June 2011

Posh Porridge

Album 'Taggy Matcher' Various Artists

This morning I wanted an indulgent, sweet and filling breakfast.

Porridge is great, you get to digest grains and it's lovely on a cold morning.

It can be made quick in the microwave, but only took me 5 minutes!

20g Organic Porridge Oats

80ml whole milk

1 tsp cranberry sauce

half chopped banana

half tsp mixed spice

fruit and nut mix

maple syrup

In a medium sized pan warm the milk for 1 minute then add the cranberry sauce

Add the oats

Chopped banana (mash if you like)

mixed spice

Stir until it looks like porridge

Serve with nut mix and syrup

Organic or chunky porridge is best.

Have a great day, I have a dinner to organise :)