22 June 2011

Rainbow Toast

En Vogue is still on...

This morning I wanted fruit and bread, this took me 3 minutes.

Would you be pleased to be served this for breakfast?

This is what I did:

Got up and while brushing my teeth witnessed a pigeon fly into my window

Great...it's OK I think, hopefully it should pass the news to its family and friends.

Toasted a chunky slice of bread from the loaf I baked last night

Spread organic black cherry jam

Topped with apricots, blueberries, raspberries, passion fruit and blackberries

Boiled the kettle for a cup of green tea

All the colours of the rainbow are not on the toast but its what I wanted to look at on my plate instead of the grey clouds.

Try serving this for kids, let them create a 'rainbow' on toast using fewer or more fruits.