8 June 2011

Sigh No More...Just Fry

Album 'Sigh No More' By Mumford and Sons
Strangely I play this album when I run to work, its great because the songs move at a nice pace.
On the way back I play Marina and The Diamonds, really loud.

This morning I went to yoga and it was HOT! Also wore the wrong shorts, they looked good but never again! You really feel it after you miss one week of Bikramyoga, I forgot to take water and got back so thirsty and hungry.

I heard on the radio yesterday that Ben from Mumford and Sons posted an interesting fry up on their site.

Thought I'd give it a go and add my own little touches to it, hope you don't mind Ben :)

2 eggs whisked
2 rashes of back bacon
one garlic clove
medium potato
natural organic greek yoghurt

Cut up and boil a medium potato

meanwhile fry half an onion
add one clove of crushed garlic
put to one side once onions are soft

check potato...probably not done

on a plate spread out some spinach leaves, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

check potato,
at last
I need to eat!

drain and mash, add one tablespoon of yoghurt and the onions

fry small batches of these on a low heat in vegetable oil until brown on both sides

put two on the spinach leaves

scramble the eggs

I was tempted to poach but maybe next time

fry the bacon

eggs on hash browns

bacon on eggs

Enjoyed with a glass of fresh orange juice.