2 June 2011


The Crazy, Sexy, Cool...

Tomato, Lettuce and Cucumber.

The three essentials in:

The fridge
Anything else?

Maybe I might even make a bold comment like: the most common vegetables we eat in the week.

They look after us when we can't be inspired to create a funky salad and they sound good.

Imagine their fanmail...here I get a bit weird and get to know the vegetables...

Contains 3 anti oxidants.
Rich in potassium.
Don't peel them!

When I walk into the kitchen, Tomato is getting ready to be grilled, I take a seat opposite and start...

Mita, 'So Tomato thanks for taking the time out from your family, how are you?'

Tomato, ' Alright, yes the family are well; ripening by the day you know, the little ones just want to be red and not green anymore.'

Mita, ' Sure, so what do you think it is about you that makes you so popular in the kitchen?'

Tomato, 'I'm just so easy you know, eat me raw, chop, mash, grill, puree, whisk and loads of other things you can do to me. I think people will find me easy to cook because I act as a base for a lot of sauces.'

Mita, 'Good point, personally I have to include fresh tomatoes in my curry. Apart from being used in cooking what else do you do?'

Tomato, ' Stop your making me blush! Well there is a story we heard about my great great great grandfather...not sure if I should tell you its pretty gruesome.'

Mita, 'Well that's up to you, you can test how gruesome the story is on me?'

Tomato ' Ok ok...so he was a beef tomato, a big chap. He was pretty old too, and was going to be used in a stew. The cook poured boiling water on him, skinned him and mashed him. We were all sitting in the bowl sweating. It was just so bad.'

Mita 'Oh.'

Tomato, ' Then the cook put in two tablespoons of paprika and added him to the meat. When her boyfriend was served the stew he refused to eat it because apparently, Hungarian goulash should not contain tomatoes, but potatoes. The stew was thrown on the wall and to this day the stain is still there.'

Mita, ' Ouch what a waste. Some people just don't understand how much effort goes into preparing a meal.'

Tomato, 'Hmm and now the same cook is going to grill me and then serve me on toast with avocado.'

Mita 'Yummy, I mean oh dear!'.

The darker the leaf is, the better it is for you.
Very low in calories.
Romaine Lettuce contains the most vitamins.
Iceberg contains vitamin K(bone builder and heart protector) and choline (brain health nutrient).

Mita, 'Hey Iceberg you look wet where have you been?'

Lettuce 'I love to be washed Mita, and water on me just feels great, how are you? I'm privileged to be on this blog!'

Mita, 'You are too kind, so how are you?'

Lettuce, 'Not too bad, I think today is my last day so just making sure I am clean.'

Mita 'Sorry to hear that, what are you going to be in?'

Lettuce, 'BLT, well at least I am with Tomato. Bacon gets on my nerves, so greasy and thinks its delicious because its meaty.'

Mita, 'Well I love a good BLT but prefer a TLC with tuna.'

Lettuce, 'Interesting, how some people have to accompany us with some sort of meat. That's what happens when we go on tour.'

Mita ' When is your next tour anyway?'

Lettuce, 'We will be travelling with the Foo Fighters soon, they are so cool and have great taste.'

Mita, 'oh dear I think the sandwich is ready.'

Lettuce, 'Great, one tip I want you to tell your friends, no scrubbing, just wash and then pat me dry. I love it.'

Soothes skin irritations.
Contains vitamin C.
Cools you down

Cucumber, 'Yo Mita your looking good, how are you?'

Mita, 'Ha! Thankyou, what's on the menu?'

Cucumber, 'This cook is so boring, not like you. What would you do to me?'

Mita, 'Cucumber you are cheeky, why is the cook boring?'

Cucumber, 'He is going to peel me and serve me to his kids! PEEL! You know how good my skin is, and how I help yours!'

Mita 'That does sound awful, but I use you on my eyes sometimes when I sleep.'

Cucumber 'It's all about using me raw, not like Courgette. Hate her.'

Mita 'She has done well but doesn't have a big fan base like TLC.'

Cucumber, 'Who do you prefer Mita?'

Mita 'You of a course!'

Wow, that was like a psychedelic food bad comedy sketch.


Over and out :)