20 June 2011

Veggie Mix Noodles

Album 'Scissor Sisters' 2003

Seriously what is going on with the weather at the moment?!

It's all about creating your own plates of sunshine..

Serves 4...or feeds you for the rest of the week!


Sharwood medium noodles

In a jug add a small chunk of tamarind with 100ml boiling water

Meanwhile in a wok:

Add 1 tbsp groundnut oil (toasted sesame oil is just as good)

1 crushed and chopped garlic clove

1 tsp lemon grass paste

2 chopped spring onions

1 carrot in edible chunks

Handful of fresh spinach

half a can of low fat coconut milk

5 chopped close cup mushrooms

sieve the jug of tamarind and add the flavoured water to the wok

drain the noodles and get them involved

some frozen peas

few cashews

and I added half of an orange pepper

Simmer for 15 minutes and then serve

The above might sound a bit hectic and busy but it's up to you what you would like in a stir fry.

Maybe try tofu



runner beans

fine beans

The textures and flavours you want can easily be achieved and cooked very quickly, also it can be made healthy. Think of all those vegetables you missed out on last weekend!

Hope you have had a nice start to the week despite the weather.