15 June 2011

Who's That Chick? (feat cous cous)

Album 'The Best of Blind Melon' (2005)

Another glorious Wednesday to myself, feels great just not doing much. Tempted to nap but will wait after yoga!

This was my lunch, you might have noticed that I have used chicken and aubergine again. Well I figured that's what we do, you can't always buy a new ingredient every day. Most of us check the fridge and see whats available. Especially now, every little helps and food is getting pricey!

One breast of chicken diced

1 tsp dried marjoram

chopped parsley

one garlic clove

olive oil

half an aubergine diced

I'm really trying to calm down on the term 'chop'.

fry the above on a low heat, add a small cup of water

meanwhile boil the kettle

put some cous cous in a pot

pour boiling water over it, just so it covers the cous cous.

Leave that until all the water is absorbed.

Add jumbo raisins and chopped mint leaves, drizzle olive oil and leave it again.

Serve up and feel good :)