29 July 2011

The Suitable Partner

Album 'The Best of Nelly Furtado' 2010

Favourite songs ' Powerless' and 'Turn off the lights'

I know this will be a good match

Not many people get this chosen for them

I could serve tea and see everyone's reaction

A recipe that won't be a disaster

It will work out well if I want it to

It's the perfect match

A marriage made in heaven.

IT = Scones with jam and clotted cream of course.

What else were you thinking?

500g Allinson nature friendly plain flour
100g Billington's golden caster sugar
25g baking powder
100g raisins
125g soft anchor butter
2 organic medium eggs
50ml buttercream
50ml rice milk

OR 100ml full milk

Oven 180°c
Flour and baking powder in a bowl, rub in butter

Add the sugar, raisins and rub in some more

Add the eggs, buttercream and enough rice milk to bring the dough together.

Roll on a lightly floured surface, about 2cm thick and cut out 8 scones.

Make sure there is a decent space between each of them, otherwise you could have a scone cake.

Bake for 15-20 minutes

Served with my Macblack raspberry jam and Rodda's clotted cream.

Home made jam and Cornish clotted cream is the perfect mate for a scone.


26 July 2011

Thyme Out

Album 'The Mix Up' Beastie Boys 2007

Maybe Adele would have been more suitable at this time.

Before I go to bed, I have to blog about one of the nicest deli's I have ever been to.

Thyme Out offers the locals of West Didsbury a taste of fresh and local food for a reasonable price. The fact that most of their ingredients are organic is not a big deal and doesn't charge you a big deal for fresh honest food cooked to order. It’s also home to a flock of hard working chickens!

All ingredients are local or continental so the wait is just a bit longer than your average cafe/deli. As I was waiting, eyes were darting across tables and I could tell people were calculating who would get served first. When the plates started coming out everyone’s eyes turned green.

Front of house Sheila kept us entertained with her passion for the chickens and the deli. Meanwhile I thought the chef was having a serious word with the chickens at the back and telling them to hurry up and get laying.

I went for the ‘Gondoliers breakfast’, I was tempted to go for ‘Eggs Benedict’ but need to make that on my own before I taste it anywhere else.

My breakfast:

Toasted rustic ciabatta topped with Parma ham, olive stuffed egg, rocket and extra virgin olive oil.

Incredibly delicious and freshly laid eggs are worth the wait.

Set near, but far enough from the high street this deli sells world cheeses and lots of other exquisite goodies that will make any foodie say ‘I want’ about fifty times.

Look here:


After your night out in Manchester, when you swear never to drink again you deserve a Thyme Out.

Thyme Out Delicatessen
147 Nell Lane
West Didsbury
M20 2lG

Meatballs In Spicy Sauce

Album 'Solid Gold Hits' Beastie Boys 2005

Serves 2

250g minced lamb
half tsp turmeric
half tsp garam masala
half tsp chilli powder
pinch of Maldon sea salt
black pepper
1 egg

Combine all the above in a bowl and using your hands roll into little balls.
Put in the fridge for about 20 minutes to firm up.

Hot Sauce:

1 can  organic chopped tomatoes, or chop 5 medium tomatoes
1 garlic clove crushed and chopped
1cm ginger finely chopped
3 cloves
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp turmeric
few drops of Tabasco
half tsp dried chilli flakes
1 tbsp Vegetable oil

Fry the powders, garlic, ginger in the vegetable oil until your kitchen smells.

You can't hide the smell of Indian food, just open as many windows and shut the doors if you want.
Personally I love the smell clinging on the house....for a little while!

Add the can of tomatoes, and chilli spices.

Leave on a low heat and place the meatballs in the sauce.

If you want a rich thick sauce don't add any extra water.

So just leave this to simmer for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile make your rice.

This dish is worth the wait.


25 July 2011

Coconut Chilli Chicken Salad

Album '4' Beyonce 2011

It's hot outside, and  I don't really want a sandwich but a fresh and spicy salad.

The inspiration for this recipe came from my friend Jared who is the chef at Kaffeine. He uses mango and makes a dressing from coriander, fish sauce and lime juice.

You have to go for a coffee, cake and brunch!

Dessicated coconut 100g
Dried chilli flakes 70g

One lime
Two mini fillets of chicken breast
Black Pepper
Maldon sea salt
Fresh spinach

Dry fry the dessicated coconut and chilli on a low heat until it turns golden brown and smells fragrant.

Turn off and leave to one side

Chop the chicken fillets and season with lots of black pepper and a pinch of salt.

Fry in a bit of olive oil.

Meanwhile lay the spinach on your plate, add as many pomegranate seeds as you like.

Once chicken is done put on top of pomegranate.

Using a teaspoon, spread the coconut and chilli mix on the chicken.

Squeeze the lime juice all over the salad and add some coriander before you serve.



24 July 2011


The world has lost an incredibly talented lady.

I'm listening to 'Cupid', one of my favourite Amy covers.

If I hear her any of her songs I will still smile but feel a pinch of sadness, because even though she kept a low profile for a while, I always thought she would be around.

I sometimes forget what you see is not what you get; you never know what's really happening behind those big beautiful eyes.
So last night in Manchester I had a few glasses of wine to commiserate music’s great loss.

I'm not going to go into detail about her life, and all that jazz other writers are aiming for. I'm sure her family don't need to read or hear anyone making judgements about someone close to their hearts.

From her music, her hair, down to her eyes, she made a big impact and always will every time I play one of her albums. I will keep on listening to her, and still practise applying my top liner.

Her voice will still fill my kitchen and I'm sure she is in a good place sitting on a cloud, eating a cupcake smiling down on us.

My thoughts go out to her family and close friends.


22 July 2011

Non Fiction Burger

Album 'Pulp Fiction Collector's Edition' Various Artists

Le Big Mac or Royale with Cheese, which is or was your favourite? I went to MacDonald's for quite a few birthday parties in Wolverhampton, and yes had a few there myself! This was in my early years of course, not last week.

Once I walked a friend back to her house and went to MacDonalds. I didn't want chicken nuggets this time, it was time for a burger. Unaware I was about to bring dishonour to my mums kitchen.

So I kept the burger in its soggy wrapping until I reached home, added extra ketchup and munched down thinking this meat is incredibly salty, then put the wrapper in the bin.

Bad move Mita.

Mum came back from work earlier than what I expected and she started to prepare dinner; not sure what I was doing, probably dancing in my room. Anyway I heard her come upstairs and she just walked in my room holding the burger wrapper.

'Mita this was a BEEF BURGER, you ate a BEEF BURGER, I'm so disappointed in you, I thought you knew better'

My head automatically hung in shame.
Felt so bad, and dumb.

Mum didn't let me sit near any of the religious pictures for the rest of the week, and trust me this was hard they were placed everywhere, even near the TV.

A few months later Dad purchased a real leather sofa...I kept my mouth shut.

It's the little differences that make everything seem so different, I could listen to Vincent and Jules all day.

Lamb Burger with Salty Coriander Dressing.

Slice two large potatoes in quarters, season and sprinkle chilli powder, in the oven 200°c.

One packet of minced lamb
One egg
In a bowl combine, add pinch of Maldon salt, tsp garam masala, tsp turmeric and tsp chilli powder.

Shape into 3 big balls and press down

Cling film and pop in the fridge.


150g fresh coriander
Half red chilli deseeded
2 tbsp fish sauce
2 freshly squeezed limes
Grate a small chunk (1cm) ginger

Take lamb burgers out and fry in veg oil on a medium heat.

Check the wedges.

Have a quick dance to 'Jungle Boogie'

Serve on bap with cheddar cheese, fried onions, coriander dressing with wedges on the side covered in ketchup.


21 July 2011

Chorizo and Ham Spaghetti

Album 'Beyonce Deluxe Bday Edition'

I thought about Heinz spaghetti hoops, they are one of my favourite comfort foods, especially on toast.

That was the main snack after school, next to cheese on toast. Snacks that were good enough to eat while watching CITV.

Time to upgrade...

If you want to cook this to Beyonce:

Olive oil
One garlic clove crushed
Half a red small chilli deseeded, finely chopped
Chorizo sausage, chop off how much you like
One slice of chunky ham, chopped
Coriander (as much or little as you want)

Just chop everything!

Boil spaghetti, drain and leave to one side

Work quickly, you don't want the spaghetti to get rubbery.
I would have added a bit of oil to stop this but, since it's already in the sauce I didn't want overload.

In a pot fry garlic and chorizo in olive oil
Add the whole can of organic chopped tomatoes
Get the chilli and ham involved, simmer for 1 minute

Then add spaghetti, pinch of maldon sea salt, coriander

Grate organic cheddar cheese

Take a picture


Email me


19 July 2011

Mac Black Raspberry Jam

Album 'Back to Black' Amy Winehouse 2006

 Imagine a juicy blackberry combined with the sweetness of a raspberry, draw back the red curtains...The Mac Black is here.

I bought a pack of Mac Black raspberries from Tesco yesterday; first I thought it was a print mistake but googled it straight away, read the term 'super food' and yes worth £2.

Today I had to go back for more, but they were gone.
The raspberries and blackberries all had front row seats.
Was it just for one day and I would never taste these again?
How quickly did you guys catch on?
I saw them on the reduced shelf and took the opportunity to load them ALL in my basket. When I see a bargain, I go for it.

They were slightly over ripe and I wanted them to last me a few weeks.

Jam it is.

Sterilized a preserving jar in the dishwasher.

500g Mac Black raspberries
500g Silver Spoon jam sugar with added pectin
1 tsp butter

Mash the berries with a potato masher
The colour was beautiful, like scarlet velvet.
I want a dress this colour, actually this shade as a lipstick would be even better.

Berries in a pot, on a low heat
Sugar in next, keep on stirring

Turn up the heat, add the butter
When it comes to the boil, keep it there for 4 minutes. 
The timer was on and I was very strict about this!

Turn off and pour mixture in jar.

My jar was too big.

Oh well.
Sealed and in the dark cupboard for the rest of the day.

My evening consisted of cycling in the rain with a Bloc Party playlist in my head.
Got back home and found myself interviewing potential housemates.

I felt like saying ‘seriously just print off your CV, and we will get back to you’.

After that I did something a bit naughty.

The jam was set, so had to taste it on a thick slice of toast.

 Mac Black raspberries are being especially grown for Tesco from the UK’s biggest berry growers Hall Hunter. These berries have nothing to do with the blackberry and come from the raspberry family.
There is a demand for them because they contain a high amount of antioxidants that can repair damaging molecules in the body, aid damaged cells and destroy free radicals. The studies have been taking place at Ohio State University.

Look here:

If I were you get yourself down there and buy a punnet...or 4.


18 July 2011

Channa Satisfaction

Album 'Self Control' Laura Branigan 1990

I have been trying to perfect this for so long, and tonight made it for the kids I nanny.

No stress or pressure, just stuck to the basics and was done in 20 minutes.

No fussiness
No heavy sighing
No picking


can of chick peas 425g, drain
small onion chopped finely
garlic clove crushed
small chunk of ginger chopped, so it's similar to the

can of chopped tomatoes
tsp cumin seeds
tsp turmeric
tsp garam masala
tsp chilli powder

Maldon salt flakes

The boys love spicy food so they could handle it, have some self control when you add the spices you could make this unbearable to eat.

Fry the garlic, ginger, onion with cumin seeds in one tablespoon of vegetable oil.
When it smells fragrant, add the chick peas.

Then add the dry spices.

Lastly add the chopped tomatoes (I like it thick not soupy, that's why I used half a can)

Leave on a really low heat for 15 minutes, if you like add a splash of water.

Before serving add the coriander and you're good to go.

For the chicken in the background check out 'The Godmother Part One'.


Bananarama Bread

Album 'Deep Sea Skiving' Bananarama 1983

Why is it so grey and gloomy?!We don't deserve a cruel summer, fingers crossed this weekend I need the sun to get a grip and make an appearance.

There were three lonely bananas staring at me from the fruit bowl, they looked like they had over done it this weekend, all that rubbing up against the oranges what did they expect? They over ripe and not many people like a banana once its brown on the outside.

I love them, so what was it going to be?

One in cereal, the other two needed to be mashed and put out their misery...

Banana muffins
In a sandwich
Hair mask

What I do best is bake, so banana bread it was.

Small loaf tin greased
200g plain wholemeal flour, this will give the bread a nutty flavour
1 tsp baking powder
100g brown sugar
100g melted butter
2 eggs
2 miserable looking bananas, mashed
half tsp mixed spice

Whisk butter and sugar, then add eggs.

Fold in the dry ingredients, under mix with a butter knife.

In the oven, 180°c for 20 minutes.

Try not to over complicate the recipe, and remember 'it ain't what you do it's the way that you do it, that's what gets results'.

It's a catchy song!


16 July 2011


Album 'Breakaway' Kelly Clarkson

Suitable album while I sit here feeling like I have come a long way.

Today call me 'Miss Independent'


1.Because behind these brown eyes I have a unique vision for food and music.

2.Buy a copy of The Independent newspaper and look on page 4 of 'The Information' magazine. To decide who should be on the panel to decide the 50 best food websites, the lovely Kate Watson Smyth put me alongside Nick Coffer and Lulu Grimes.

I feel really important today, would have loved to be on the cover but maybe next year!!

Recently I have changed my domain from mitathefoodie to mixitcookit because that's what this blog is about...mixing music and cooking good food. I had a good time with mitathefoodie but just like music, image change is good.

Enjoy reading the reviews, and try my deluxe beans on toast with mozzarella and chilli flakes.

I deserve it.

You deserve it, for running out in the rain to see my name.


15 July 2011

The Writings On The Board

Album 'Survivor' Destinys Child

Yes its not easy being 'Independent Women' when you listen to Charlie? Don't throw your hands up at me, just expensive cheese.

Tummy is ready for lunch and I have quite a few cheese options on my shelf. What you thinking?

Sharing a fridge is not convenient and I cannot wait to get a place of my own, when one big union jack Smeg fridge will be all mine.
I've really got into cheese this year, I was not really fussed about it before and just waited until the board came out at Christmas.
What is it about it that makes me melt? Maybe when it's hot and oozing from a sandwich, or the texture of it as it sits on my pasta.
Noticed how Cheddar takes a lot of space on the supermarkets and I don't get it. It's good on most things but aren't we forgetting the other types of cheese which are slightly neglected. OK yes they are a lot more expensive but add something cheesalicious to your dish. Not sure if I got away with 'cheesalicious' in that sentence, forgive me 'Bootylicious' is on and my shoulders are wanting me to get up, dance and cook.

Brie Happy

A soft cow cheese, named after the French region where it is made. Now made all over the world, also coming in different flavours.

Beautiful in cooking because it melts so well and looks sexy on burgers and in risotto's. Stuff it and slice it will pleases me.

Pass me a brie and cranberry panini, it will be gone in 2 minutes.

Much Feta Now

A Greek cheese made from a mixture of ewe's and goats milk.

If you see something similar called 'white' cheese in the supermarket its not Feta, this was produced outside Greece.

The original feta is fantastic and gives me a happy face when on the table.

You don't have to do much with it actually, it does enough all on it's own. Just look at it...dreamy.

Crumbles when handled roughly but has integrity even when baked, I love cheese that has integrity.

Great in salads, baked, marinaded and stuffed.

I want it heavily visible in a salad with vegetables and a sweet dressing.

Parma Karma

Didn't get a shot of this hardcore cheese because I used what was left in a risotto.

I think this cheese can take time to love, at first I wasn't a fan and had to have it IN dishes.

When it is added into foods, it changes a dish completely and this is because so much care and patience has gone into the process. It takes between 18 - 48 months to mature the cheese, and when I think how many album or songs I have downloaded in that time I don't mind buying it.

Stir it into a hearty risotto

Shave it into a salad

Use it in your lasagne


This tub doesn't have a picture because I used it in a cake. This gloopy, thick soft Italian cheese has a high fat content. Perfect for a cheesecake and as a sweet filling with fruit in a cake.

Try stirring black cherry conserve through and adding it in an almond sponge.

Fancy Cheddar?

Possibly the most popular cheese you will see and use. It's so versatile and the traditional types are made using raw cows milk and matured for about 18 months. Through the process of 'cheddaring' the pressure from the slabs of curd squeezes out excess whey.

I could type for a very long time and suggest countless recipe ideas but you cannot beat a cheese on toast.

Mozzarella Di Buffala

Yesterday I tasted the most heavenly slice of mozzarella with a 52% fat content.

This is an unripened cheese made from water buffalo's milk towards the Naples area. It's packed with water to keep it fresh.

Another gorgeous cheese that melts nicely and stretches perfectly for pizza. To be honest I love it torn on sun dried tomatoes with basil.

Goats Cheese

If you are not  fan of cows milk then grab a tub of this cheese. Apart from the French, the English and Welsh have introduced some younger varieties so you know its sort of local!
It can be used like cheddar and goes well with most things. When I first bought a pack I wanted to spread it on some pastry and bake it, that went down really well :)

This is the end of my cheesy rant, other favourites of mine are Gorgonzola, Manchego and Wensleydale.

More on these soon, need to have a break and eat.


Beat It

Album 'The Essential Michael Jackson' 2005

Want an album to get you grooving first thing? this is it.
I slept in for a while this morning, but hey I deserve it. Having a week off from nannying I thought what better make good use of this time! I was so excited about breakfast that when I did open the fridge ONE EGG was staring straight back at me.

Slightly frustrated.....hold on 'Got To Be There' is on. Some songs are just not suitable for a single lady first thing in the morning..next track please.

whisked egg with a splash of milk
poured in frying pan
put some spinach on top
cherry tomatoes
chopped some chorizo in chunks
grated some cheddar when ready to serve, I could grate for a lot longer but had to hold myself back. So STOP when you think it's enough.

Looks slightly greasy in the picture because I drizzled some olive oil. And of course if breakfast is fried it simply has to be a bit greasy.

Have a great start to the weekend,


13 July 2011

Wake Up Look Sharp

Album on very quietly...'Boy In Da Corner' Dizzee Rascal 2003

So before I go into the office, I got into nanny mode and prepared all 3 meals of the day.

Yes Mita 'Wot U on?' I just wanted to get things sorted so I don't have to spend money today :)

After showering, and gripping hair up I ran downstairs and boiled water in a pan, peeled one sweet potato, chopped and let that boil.

Meanwhile made my sandwiches:

Cherry tomatoes

Red onion pickle

Maybe gone 2 far with 4 mini sandwiches but I'm sure they will be more than enough.

Done, now they are just sitting there waiting to be cling filmed.

Prepare fruit salad, strawberries, passion fruit and mango. Bit messy first thing in the morning but cheaper than buying the tiny fruit salads.

Grab bowl, bran flakes, chopped banana, milk, DONE!

Drain potatoes, put in tupaware and in fridge.

Take garlic and coriander naan out the freezer and into the fridge.

Tonight after yoga:

Chorizo and sweet potato curry with naan.

All I need to do tonight is add the spices to a can of chopped tomatoes.

I mean this could all change, I could get asked out, it hardly happens but you never know.

Do it!!


12 July 2011

Creamy Spaghetti with Salmon

Album 'Radio One Live Lounge Volume 5' Disc 2

Taio Cruz version of 'Little Lion Man' is very cool, actually this volume is the best one so far.

Quick and easy dinner or weekend lunch:

Feeds 2

Boil spaghetti
Pop in some samphire for about 2 mins then remove
Meanwhile fry one fillet of salmon, I keep the skin on.

Once spaghetti is done rinse with cold water and put back in the pan
Drizzle tiny bit of olive oil
Add the fillet and stir so you have salmon chunks
Grab a handful of spinach and stir in
1 dessertspoon of goats cheese
Stir in a few cherry tomatoes

Serve with samphire


11 July 2011

Vegan Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

Album 'Aha Shake Heartbreak'

This album reminds me of Melbourne, and working down Flinders Lane... good times.

A moist(hate that word) and amazing cake to impress your friends.
Oven on 200°c

Get a large round cake tin ready, use greaseproof paper

Dry ingredients in a bowl:

250g golden caster sugar
50g G&B cocoa powder (I checked their website to see if vegan friendly)
pinch of salt
1.5 tsp bicarbonate of soda
350g wholemeal plain flour

Add wet ingredients:

170ml vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp almond essence
4 tsp white wine vinegar
350ml cold water
6 squashed raspberries

Mix with a fork and when everything is combined fold in the raspberries

Pour in tin and bake for 40 mins

Let it cool COMPLETELY

Vegan Buttercream:

Pure dairy free spread with soya 170g
1tbsp rice milk
100g icing sugar

Whisk the margarine, then add the icing sugar in batches, and finally the milk.

Once cake is cold spread on and enjoy.


Sub Be Good To Me?

Album 'True 90's' 1996
I tried to find 'Let Them Eat Bingo' Beats Internationals first album online but no sign, will need to hunt it down. Any album featuring Norman Cook is worth buying :)

Don't think less of me but I wanted to go to Subway this afternoon for a sandwich to see why they are still around and doing well! And if you have to grab a quick sandwich which looks filling and meaty then these guys can put it together for you in a matter of minutes.

Just wish they smiled at me :(

I ordered the 6 inch 'Subway Melt' on hearty Italian bread, which contained:

2 slices of ham
2 slices of turkey
some bacon
2 slices of cheese
Green Pepper
Red Onion
Black olives

My choice of sauces:
Sweet onion

The smell reminded my of my uni days, I can see how it's perfect for students, its cheap and cheerful and you see and choose what you want in your sandwich.

Noticed the girl infront of me chose tuna and it was placed on her bread with an ice cream scoop. Bizarre...it made me wonder how much mayo was in the tuna to make it scoopable!

The sandwich was OK and nothing special, and after all I don't think it's meant to be anything that amazing. It's a quick and efficient way to get a sandwich, drink and cookie for under £5.

As I sat in quite a few people who walked passed would eye up my sandwich and my wonder woman t shirt.
But wouldn't it be nice if they also offered a fruit salad that you could pick, yes a cookie is sticking to the American feel but since they have moved on to salads and wraps I think fruit could be a positive step.

What do you think?

Just been googling and reading so hard my eyes are stinging.

So this is the fastest selling franchise next to MacDonald's! When I think about it they are everywhere, and it started off with a guy called Fred De Luca borrowing $1000 from a good friend to set up a sandwich shop.

Now, your best chances of opening up anything is to get on Dragons Den, getting lucky or having a rich friend!

Checked out the nutritional information of the sandwich online and it wasn't too bad but the turkey is reformed meat.

Hmmm this is when the meat contains more water, additives and preservatives than actual meat. Not impressed, for a company that is doing very well and can splash out a bit more.

So Sub be good for Mita?

NO not anymore.

I don't like the idea of reformed meat, when I do buy ham/turkey slices I make sure it's organic (I know, I know how I've moved up now!)
It wasn't filling, and the sandwich was packed with everything so most things would fall out.
Also I don't like people that work with food that look sad. Obviously I don't know anything about them but even a 'enjoy your sandwich' or  'ooo the best sauce with that is...'

But they did play Charles and Eddie....classic.

Wake Me Up Before You Coco...

Album 'The Final' WHAM! 1993

I wish I had someone to dance with right now.. a lively album to start a Monday.

This is what happened this morning:

I got up, switched on the laptop, loaded spotify and typed in WHAM.

Then went into the kitchen, saw the Bran Flakes, Dorset Cereals, Weetabix and COCO POPS.
That's what I wanted, the yellow box stood out from all the others, the hell with it. I'm so good in the week with my fry ups and high fibre cereals.
I'd rather have a bowl of coco pops and then drink the chocolatey milk..mmmm

If your're going to do it, do it right....

30g of Coco Pops:

Provides 17% of an adults recommended daily allowance of iron and calcium, not bad hey. It makes me feel  a lot better after finishing a bowl of it in less than 2 minutes.

Other vitamins you will gain are riboflavin , thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid , and vitamin B1. All sounds good, more on these vitamins in 'Cereal Box NOT Bar'.

Thinking inside the box, I researched a bit more about this cereal because it could be useful to impress someone at the breakfast table.

That's not my name

Coco pops came to the UK in 1961 and later on was called 'Cocoa Krispies' then 'Choco Krispies' in 1998. I remember the telephone poll in 1999 when the public voted on the name they wanted, thank goodness it stayed to 'coco pops' I remember thinking 'why did they want to change it anyway?' Coco pops has a better ring to it and fitted the song perfectly, all the other names were a bit of a mouthful and just sounded wrong.

To top it off there were issues with the mascot, a  monkey, elephant, Snagglepuss, Sooty, a caveman, all had a go to be on the box but in the end Coco the monkey won. He is seen to save the bowl of coco pops from the greedy crocodile trying to get breakfast.

It felt like a special treat on the first day of my week off, but not a cereal I would eat everyday. If you do buy a box, eat in moderation...they get addictive!


10 July 2011

Me & U Sunday

Album 'Cassie' Cassie 2006

Sunday the last day of the week, time to nap, be lazy eat out and watch an action film.

In the Hebrew and Islamic calenders Sunday is the first day of the week, so it's a work day, for other cultures it is the end of the week and a day of rest.

For me it's all about meeting and eating with those who I couldn't see in the week, checking out markets and sitting in a pub giggling about Friday night...or trying to remember it!

What better way to start the end of the weekend with a greasy sandwich.

And this is what it came down to:

2 fried eggs in butter
Poppy seed baguette
4 chestnut mushrooms, sliced and fried in butter
few leaves of  raw spinach
Heinz ketchup


8 July 2011

Mushroom Risotto

Album 'Stripped' Christina Aguilera 2006

Not sure why Christina Aguilera popped in my head today, it was while I was cycling in the rain and my hood kept on coming off. Really annoying when that happens, so I ended up looking like E.T buttoning the hood securely around my neck! Maybe you saw me, someone did point and laugh...probably why 'beautiful' was on repeat most of the day.

Long day and first day as an intern for 'Eat Me' magazine which is really cool and aimed at all the foodies who like sexy food.
I've never worked in an office before and experienced the rush to buy something quick for lunch, and the stress of preparing dinner after 'a day at the office'.

So this is what it boils down to hey?

I did not give in and get a take away, chips (so tempted), or eat out. Do you think the chippies and kebab shops send the smell out the shop on purpose? You know like a bakery, anyway I think nose plugs are in order next week. It just lures me in, and then I swerve my bike towards them..my junk food urges are coming to the surface!

After work, went to yoga to top of my starvation and then cycled home and made this in 30 minutes.

Arborio risotto rice
Chestnut mushrooms
Vegetable stock cube mixed with 1 pint of boiling water in a jug
Fine beans chopped in half
Parmigiano Reggiano
Butter (1 tsp)
2 shallots
1 garlic clove crushed and finely chopped

Fry the butter with sliced shallots and garlic in a large frying pan.

Now I'm going to be honest here...I just tipped in two handfuls of rice. I don't usually measure rice, especially for a small portion, as long as you keep on adding enough water it will cook!

Fry this for one minute then pour in a quarter of the stock water, and stir on a medium heat.

Keep on stirring, like you are massaging the rice in small circles.

After the third batch of water has been absorbed, add the mushrooms and fine beans

Grate some Parmigiano

Keep on going with the stock water until the rice is done.

Add more Parmigiano

Then some coriander or parsley

Stay near the pan and always keep on stirring, this is why a soundtrack would be useful in the background. It doesn't have to be Christina belting her heart out, but maybe a bit of dubstep to keep your arm active.

Enjoy with some crusty bread or just wolf it down saying 'mmmmm' (that was me)

This is also great sleepy food, so not advisable before a  long night of dubstep moves!

Mita Fact (don't say it 5 times at fast speed to me, my angry eyes will switch on)

Parmigiano or Parmesan?

From my wonderful google sources I have just found out that a cheese called Parmesan is essentially a cheese that imitates the recipe for Parmigiano-Reggiano, but is made outside of the approved Italian regions. This is to ensure the flavour and quality of Parmigiano which is made WITHIN the provinces of Parma and other specific regions of Bologna and Mantua.

I know, this blog is getting good :)


7 July 2011

I Need Mackerel

Album 'Who You Are' Jessie J 2011

On again, it's becoming one of my favourite albums. I wonder what she had for lunch today...

With so much rain today the only thing I can think of is how happy I would be if I was a fish. So I purchased some samphire, hot smoked mackerel fillets, cherry tomatoes and thai sweet chilli sauce. Forget about the price tag, the above ingredients were less than £5!

Steam the samphire for 3 minutes then put it all together with two small fillets of mackerel and season if you wish.

I chose samphire, because heard it's in season, and you cook it like asparagus. It tastes quite fishy but fresh and not too overwhelming.

Very easy and light dish, could be nice as a starter or at a bbq next to all the other salads.

Let me know if you give it a go


6 July 2011

Dill, Feta and Cherry Tomato Pasta

Album 'Torches' Foster People 2011

A quick and comforting lunch. I did glance at the cous cous, then pretended it wasn't there and grabbed the pasta.

Pasta for me is warming and satisfying, just need to control how much I put on my plate!

Made with my dill pesto
Fried cherry tomatoes with one thickly sliced shallot in veg oil
Crumbed feta
Drizzle of chilli oil

This was made because I'm at home, but when working what do you grab for lunch?

With next week off I am going to dedicate a lot of time to all things food, especially this blog.

I've decided to go back to basics and cook my favourite dishes, also I will be visiting the fast foodies that I haven't mentioned on the blog yet.

Yes this includes kebabs, fish and chips, KFC, and many more that will make you either love or hate me.

Call me what you want, we all like them! But next week I will give these fast foodies a grilling.


4 July 2011

Pizza 4

Album '4' Beyonce 2011

Chosen because it's growing on me, especially 'Start Over'.

Serves 2 hungry people passionate about cheese, or 4 not fussed and will have a slice because it's there.


Make the pizza dough with 600g strong organic bread flour
packet of dried yeast
300ml warm water

Whisk the yeast in the water, and put to one side for 15 minutes.

Then add to the flour and knead for 5 minutes.

Cover with a damp towel in a warm dark place until it has doubled (30 minutes)

Oven on 190°c

Prepare the toppings....

chop half an onion
grate cheddar
slice mozzarella
chop some sundried tomatoes
find the chilli flakes and tomato puree
take the jar of red onion pickle out the fridge

Once bread has doubled, cut in two and roll one out.

Use the other for spare bread and pop in a loaf tin.

With the other roll out and spread out on a pizza tray or large flat baking tray.

1.Spread tomato puree

2.Sprinkle chilli flakes

3.Spread chopped onion

4.Parmesan on top on one side

5.Then Mozzarella in the middle

6.And Cheddar at the end

7.Sundried tomatoes

8.A few dollops of pickle

9.Bake for 30 minutes

10.Drizzle with olive oil before serving.

Bake the other loaf on the bottom shelf for 30minutes and use for your sandwiches or toast tomorrow.

The pickle with melted cheese combo was intense, a slice of this tasted like an indulgent cheese on toast.

I hope you enjoy it, the flavours go well together. The pickle in the photo might put you off but you can make it without.


I Saw The Naked Chef at Feastival!

Album 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' Arctic Monkeys 2006

Wake up to this album and I'm sure you will have a great morning or a sore head!
So the day after Wireless I went to Feastival at Clapham Common, and saw Jamie Oliver in action. Yes that is Johnny Vaughan looking slightly nervous about helping Jamie cook courgette flowers, also joined by greedy Italian Gennaro Contaldo. These guys were so much fun to watch, they were just having a laugh on stage, taking nothing too seriously.
Jamie talks to you like you are cooking with him and that's why he has so many followers, what you see is what you get.  A down to earth guy with easy and honest recipes you can cook.

The restaurant stalls that were there served amazing dishes and I had to walk around a few times before I made up my mind. Jamie supports all of them and the staff at behind every table were happy and passionate about what they were doing.

So all in all a great weekend...

Good food
Good music
Good friends

Oh this is what I had for lunch on Saturday, a chicken korma pie with berry compote.
By Benares Restaurant, chef Atul Kochhar was in the background and I got a smile from him :)

Have a great day


3 July 2011

Black Eyed Bean Curry

Album 'THE E.N.D. ( THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) Black Eyed Peas 2009

These guys were amazing, they are like a hit machine I felt like I was in one of their videos. But chances of that are pretty slim, my legs are still aching from the dancing! Imagine if that did happen...my cake eating days would be over.

I'll stick to cycling, running and yoga and see if that gets me in a video, you know I would be on 'Chicken Tonight' if it was still on TV.

They are incredibly cool and worth going to see.

Moving on to food....

I needed something spicy and sweet today, totally over did it on the festival food, so needed a taste of home cooking.

Serves 4
Takes one hour, because the parsnips need to soften.

Chorizo sliced in chunks, however much you want
Sundried tomatoes in oil
Can of organic chopped tomatoes
Black eyed beans (either from a can or soaked overnight)
Half an onion
Vegetable oil 2 tbsp
One garlic clove chopped
Half a green chilli deseeded
One parsnip peeled and diced.
Black pepper
Jasmine rice 120g (40g per person)
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp garam masala
Coriander (of course! I can't eat a curry without it)


Add oil, fry onions, garlic, and chilli.

Then the parsnip


Keep on a really low heat all the time


Add the three powders...yellow, red and brown
When I used to watch my mum cook that's how I remembered it!

Can of tomatoes
Fill can with water and add to the pan

Lid on

Get the rice on, boil water first then add the rice. Keep on a low heat and test to see if done after 15 minutes. Drain and put back in the pan.

In the last 10 minutes add the chorizo and 4 chopped sundried tomatoes to the bean pot.

Serve with coriander and rice.

Add this and that, it's the most popular word on all my posts! I'm just not into 'trying' to use different words just for the sake of sounding professional. Using the thesaurus at school for an essay was very helpful but it took the essence of the writing away.

At least on my blog I can write however I want.

If I said ' incorporate, contribute, toss, beef up, include, hook on' my friends would crack up.

Anyway have a great breakfast tomorrow and let me know when you try the recipe whilst listening to the album above.

It will make cooking it a lot more enjoyable.