1 July 2011

Discover Marmash

Album 'Disco-Overy' Tinie Tempah 2010

Yes Yes it's finally Friday and my obsession with food and music is in full swing starting from 5pm.
Wireless today then Feastival tomorrow, you know I will be blogging from my bed Sunday!

I made this mash last night for the kids with organic pork sausages and vegetables.

It contained a secret ingredient....MARMITE.

Hate it? Look at all my lovely photo's:


Please don't judge me I've grown to love it lately!

Love it? Read on....

Maris Piper potatoes (I leave the skin on, but your choice)
50g soft butter
50ml full milk
A small drop of marmite

Start off with a small drop then mash, taste if you want to add some more. If you went a bit Marmite happy then save the mash with grated cheese, or serve it to someone who loves it.

Making good mash (also in March 2011 'Don't Staple Your Food pt2'

Boil potatoes until they are soft

Just keep on mashing, and always taste

Not too much liquid

Add salt and pepper

Full cream



Pinch of turmeric

Lemongrass paste



Have a great weekend and maybe see you at Wireless and Feastival?

Will post back Sunday.