7 July 2011

I Need Mackerel

Album 'Who You Are' Jessie J 2011

On again, it's becoming one of my favourite albums. I wonder what she had for lunch today...

With so much rain today the only thing I can think of is how happy I would be if I was a fish. So I purchased some samphire, hot smoked mackerel fillets, cherry tomatoes and thai sweet chilli sauce. Forget about the price tag, the above ingredients were less than £5!

Steam the samphire for 3 minutes then put it all together with two small fillets of mackerel and season if you wish.

I chose samphire, because heard it's in season, and you cook it like asparagus. It tastes quite fishy but fresh and not too overwhelming.

Very easy and light dish, could be nice as a starter or at a bbq next to all the other salads.

Let me know if you give it a go