4 July 2011

I Saw The Naked Chef at Feastival!

Album 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' Arctic Monkeys 2006

Wake up to this album and I'm sure you will have a great morning or a sore head!
So the day after Wireless I went to Feastival at Clapham Common, and saw Jamie Oliver in action. Yes that is Johnny Vaughan looking slightly nervous about helping Jamie cook courgette flowers, also joined by greedy Italian Gennaro Contaldo. These guys were so much fun to watch, they were just having a laugh on stage, taking nothing too seriously.
Jamie talks to you like you are cooking with him and that's why he has so many followers, what you see is what you get.  A down to earth guy with easy and honest recipes you can cook.

The restaurant stalls that were there served amazing dishes and I had to walk around a few times before I made up my mind. Jamie supports all of them and the staff at behind every table were happy and passionate about what they were doing.

So all in all a great weekend...

Good food
Good music
Good friends

Oh this is what I had for lunch on Saturday, a chicken korma pie with berry compote.
By Benares Restaurant, chef Atul Kochhar was in the background and I got a smile from him :)

Have a great day