19 July 2011

Mac Black Raspberry Jam

Album 'Back to Black' Amy Winehouse 2006

 Imagine a juicy blackberry combined with the sweetness of a raspberry, draw back the red curtains...The Mac Black is here.

I bought a pack of Mac Black raspberries from Tesco yesterday; first I thought it was a print mistake but googled it straight away, read the term 'super food' and yes worth £2.

Today I had to go back for more, but they were gone.
The raspberries and blackberries all had front row seats.
Was it just for one day and I would never taste these again?
How quickly did you guys catch on?
I saw them on the reduced shelf and took the opportunity to load them ALL in my basket. When I see a bargain, I go for it.

They were slightly over ripe and I wanted them to last me a few weeks.

Jam it is.

Sterilized a preserving jar in the dishwasher.

500g Mac Black raspberries
500g Silver Spoon jam sugar with added pectin
1 tsp butter

Mash the berries with a potato masher
The colour was beautiful, like scarlet velvet.
I want a dress this colour, actually this shade as a lipstick would be even better.

Berries in a pot, on a low heat
Sugar in next, keep on stirring

Turn up the heat, add the butter
When it comes to the boil, keep it there for 4 minutes. 
The timer was on and I was very strict about this!

Turn off and pour mixture in jar.

My jar was too big.

Oh well.
Sealed and in the dark cupboard for the rest of the day.

My evening consisted of cycling in the rain with a Bloc Party playlist in my head.
Got back home and found myself interviewing potential housemates.

I felt like saying ‘seriously just print off your CV, and we will get back to you’.

After that I did something a bit naughty.

The jam was set, so had to taste it on a thick slice of toast.

 Mac Black raspberries are being especially grown for Tesco from the UK’s biggest berry growers Hall Hunter. These berries have nothing to do with the blackberry and come from the raspberry family.
There is a demand for them because they contain a high amount of antioxidants that can repair damaging molecules in the body, aid damaged cells and destroy free radicals. The studies have been taking place at Ohio State University.

Look here:

If I were you get yourself down there and buy a punnet...or 4.