22 July 2011

Non Fiction Burger

Album 'Pulp Fiction Collector's Edition' Various Artists

Le Big Mac or Royale with Cheese, which is or was your favourite? I went to MacDonald's for quite a few birthday parties in Wolverhampton, and yes had a few there myself! This was in my early years of course, not last week.

Once I walked a friend back to her house and went to MacDonalds. I didn't want chicken nuggets this time, it was time for a burger. Unaware I was about to bring dishonour to my mums kitchen.

So I kept the burger in its soggy wrapping until I reached home, added extra ketchup and munched down thinking this meat is incredibly salty, then put the wrapper in the bin.

Bad move Mita.

Mum came back from work earlier than what I expected and she started to prepare dinner; not sure what I was doing, probably dancing in my room. Anyway I heard her come upstairs and she just walked in my room holding the burger wrapper.

'Mita this was a BEEF BURGER, you ate a BEEF BURGER, I'm so disappointed in you, I thought you knew better'

My head automatically hung in shame.
Felt so bad, and dumb.

Mum didn't let me sit near any of the religious pictures for the rest of the week, and trust me this was hard they were placed everywhere, even near the TV.

A few months later Dad purchased a real leather sofa...I kept my mouth shut.

It's the little differences that make everything seem so different, I could listen to Vincent and Jules all day.

Lamb Burger with Salty Coriander Dressing.

Slice two large potatoes in quarters, season and sprinkle chilli powder, in the oven 200°c.

One packet of minced lamb
One egg
In a bowl combine, add pinch of Maldon salt, tsp garam masala, tsp turmeric and tsp chilli powder.

Shape into 3 big balls and press down

Cling film and pop in the fridge.


150g fresh coriander
Half red chilli deseeded
2 tbsp fish sauce
2 freshly squeezed limes
Grate a small chunk (1cm) ginger

Take lamb burgers out and fry in veg oil on a medium heat.

Check the wedges.

Have a quick dance to 'Jungle Boogie'

Serve on bap with cheddar cheese, fried onions, coriander dressing with wedges on the side covered in ketchup.