6 July 2011

Dill, Feta and Cherry Tomato Pasta

Album 'Torches' Foster People 2011

A quick and comforting lunch. I did glance at the cous cous, then pretended it wasn't there and grabbed the pasta.

Pasta for me is warming and satisfying, just need to control how much I put on my plate!

Made with my dill pesto
Fried cherry tomatoes with one thickly sliced shallot in veg oil
Crumbed feta
Drizzle of chilli oil

This was made because I'm at home, but when working what do you grab for lunch?

With next week off I am going to dedicate a lot of time to all things food, especially this blog.

I've decided to go back to basics and cook my favourite dishes, also I will be visiting the fast foodies that I haven't mentioned on the blog yet.

Yes this includes kebabs, fish and chips, KFC, and many more that will make you either love or hate me.

Call me what you want, we all like them! But next week I will give these fast foodies a grilling.