11 July 2011

Sub Be Good To Me?

Album 'True 90's' 1996
I tried to find 'Let Them Eat Bingo' Beats Internationals first album online but no sign, will need to hunt it down. Any album featuring Norman Cook is worth buying :)

Don't think less of me but I wanted to go to Subway this afternoon for a sandwich to see why they are still around and doing well! And if you have to grab a quick sandwich which looks filling and meaty then these guys can put it together for you in a matter of minutes.

Just wish they smiled at me :(

I ordered the 6 inch 'Subway Melt' on hearty Italian bread, which contained:

2 slices of ham
2 slices of turkey
some bacon
2 slices of cheese
Green Pepper
Red Onion
Black olives

My choice of sauces:
Sweet onion

The smell reminded my of my uni days, I can see how it's perfect for students, its cheap and cheerful and you see and choose what you want in your sandwich.

Noticed the girl infront of me chose tuna and it was placed on her bread with an ice cream scoop. Bizarre...it made me wonder how much mayo was in the tuna to make it scoopable!

The sandwich was OK and nothing special, and after all I don't think it's meant to be anything that amazing. It's a quick and efficient way to get a sandwich, drink and cookie for under £5.

As I sat in quite a few people who walked passed would eye up my sandwich and my wonder woman t shirt.
But wouldn't it be nice if they also offered a fruit salad that you could pick, yes a cookie is sticking to the American feel but since they have moved on to salads and wraps I think fruit could be a positive step.

What do you think?

Just been googling and reading so hard my eyes are stinging.

So this is the fastest selling franchise next to MacDonald's! When I think about it they are everywhere, and it started off with a guy called Fred De Luca borrowing $1000 from a good friend to set up a sandwich shop.

Now, your best chances of opening up anything is to get on Dragons Den, getting lucky or having a rich friend!

Checked out the nutritional information of the sandwich online and it wasn't too bad but the turkey is reformed meat.

Hmmm this is when the meat contains more water, additives and preservatives than actual meat. Not impressed, for a company that is doing very well and can splash out a bit more.

So Sub be good for Mita?

NO not anymore.

I don't like the idea of reformed meat, when I do buy ham/turkey slices I make sure it's organic (I know, I know how I've moved up now!)
It wasn't filling, and the sandwich was packed with everything so most things would fall out.
Also I don't like people that work with food that look sad. Obviously I don't know anything about them but even a 'enjoy your sandwich' or  'ooo the best sauce with that is...'

But they did play Charles and Eddie....classic.