26 July 2011

Thyme Out

Album 'The Mix Up' Beastie Boys 2007

Maybe Adele would have been more suitable at this time.

Before I go to bed, I have to blog about one of the nicest deli's I have ever been to.

Thyme Out offers the locals of West Didsbury a taste of fresh and local food for a reasonable price. The fact that most of their ingredients are organic is not a big deal and doesn't charge you a big deal for fresh honest food cooked to order. It’s also home to a flock of hard working chickens!

All ingredients are local or continental so the wait is just a bit longer than your average cafe/deli. As I was waiting, eyes were darting across tables and I could tell people were calculating who would get served first. When the plates started coming out everyone’s eyes turned green.

Front of house Sheila kept us entertained with her passion for the chickens and the deli. Meanwhile I thought the chef was having a serious word with the chickens at the back and telling them to hurry up and get laying.

I went for the ‘Gondoliers breakfast’, I was tempted to go for ‘Eggs Benedict’ but need to make that on my own before I taste it anywhere else.

My breakfast:

Toasted rustic ciabatta topped with Parma ham, olive stuffed egg, rocket and extra virgin olive oil.

Incredibly delicious and freshly laid eggs are worth the wait.

Set near, but far enough from the high street this deli sells world cheeses and lots of other exquisite goodies that will make any foodie say ‘I want’ about fifty times.

Look here:


After your night out in Manchester, when you swear never to drink again you deserve a Thyme Out.

Thyme Out Delicatessen
147 Nell Lane
West Didsbury
M20 2lG