11 July 2011

Wake Me Up Before You Coco...

Album 'The Final' WHAM! 1993

I wish I had someone to dance with right now.. a lively album to start a Monday.

This is what happened this morning:

I got up, switched on the laptop, loaded spotify and typed in WHAM.

Then went into the kitchen, saw the Bran Flakes, Dorset Cereals, Weetabix and COCO POPS.
That's what I wanted, the yellow box stood out from all the others, the hell with it. I'm so good in the week with my fry ups and high fibre cereals.
I'd rather have a bowl of coco pops and then drink the chocolatey milk..mmmm

If your're going to do it, do it right....

30g of Coco Pops:

Provides 17% of an adults recommended daily allowance of iron and calcium, not bad hey. It makes me feel  a lot better after finishing a bowl of it in less than 2 minutes.

Other vitamins you will gain are riboflavin , thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid , and vitamin B1. All sounds good, more on these vitamins in 'Cereal Box NOT Bar'.

Thinking inside the box, I researched a bit more about this cereal because it could be useful to impress someone at the breakfast table.

That's not my name

Coco pops came to the UK in 1961 and later on was called 'Cocoa Krispies' then 'Choco Krispies' in 1998. I remember the telephone poll in 1999 when the public voted on the name they wanted, thank goodness it stayed to 'coco pops' I remember thinking 'why did they want to change it anyway?' Coco pops has a better ring to it and fitted the song perfectly, all the other names were a bit of a mouthful and just sounded wrong.

To top it off there were issues with the mascot, a  monkey, elephant, Snagglepuss, Sooty, a caveman, all had a go to be on the box but in the end Coco the monkey won. He is seen to save the bowl of coco pops from the greedy crocodile trying to get breakfast.

It felt like a special treat on the first day of my week off, but not a cereal I would eat everyday. If you do buy a box, eat in moderation...they get addictive!