13 July 2011

Wake Up Look Sharp

Album on very quietly...'Boy In Da Corner' Dizzee Rascal 2003

So before I go into the office, I got into nanny mode and prepared all 3 meals of the day.

Yes Mita 'Wot U on?' I just wanted to get things sorted so I don't have to spend money today :)

After showering, and gripping hair up I ran downstairs and boiled water in a pan, peeled one sweet potato, chopped and let that boil.

Meanwhile made my sandwiches:

Cherry tomatoes

Red onion pickle

Maybe gone 2 far with 4 mini sandwiches but I'm sure they will be more than enough.

Done, now they are just sitting there waiting to be cling filmed.

Prepare fruit salad, strawberries, passion fruit and mango. Bit messy first thing in the morning but cheaper than buying the tiny fruit salads.

Grab bowl, bran flakes, chopped banana, milk, DONE!

Drain potatoes, put in tupaware and in fridge.

Take garlic and coriander naan out the freezer and into the fridge.

Tonight after yoga:

Chorizo and sweet potato curry with naan.

All I need to do tonight is add the spices to a can of chopped tomatoes.

I mean this could all change, I could get asked out, it hardly happens but you never know.

Do it!!