16 July 2011


Album 'Breakaway' Kelly Clarkson

Suitable album while I sit here feeling like I have come a long way.

Today call me 'Miss Independent'


1.Because behind these brown eyes I have a unique vision for food and music.

2.Buy a copy of The Independent newspaper and look on page 4 of 'The Information' magazine. To decide who should be on the panel to decide the 50 best food websites, the lovely Kate Watson Smyth put me alongside Nick Coffer and Lulu Grimes.

I feel really important today, would have loved to be on the cover but maybe next year!!

Recently I have changed my domain from mitathefoodie to mixitcookit because that's what this blog is about...mixing music and cooking good food. I had a good time with mitathefoodie but just like music, image change is good.

Enjoy reading the reviews, and try my deluxe beans on toast with mozzarella and chilli flakes.

I deserve it.

You deserve it, for running out in the rain to see my name.