19 August 2011

Baileys CAKE

Look at this CAKE!

Baileys and vanilla chocolate infused sponges, sandwiched with Baileys buttercream.
Here is the how, and what to play if you decide to bake this..

Baileys Playlist:
'Warriors Dance - Mandingo Tribe Version' By Armand Van Helden
'Marina Gasolina' By Bonde Do Role
'Apply Some Pressure' By Mark Ronson
'Cheap and Cheerful' By The Kills
'La Isla Bonita' By Madonna
'Pumpkin and Honey Bunny/Misirlou' By Tim Roth and Amanada Plummer
'Don't Walk Away' By Jade
'Conga' By Gloria Estefan
'Jump In The Line' By Harry Belafonte
'Banquet' By Bloc Party
'Bang Bang Bang' By Mark Ronson
'Zero' By Yeah Yeah Yeahs

▶ Recipe for this extravagant cake


For Baileys top sponge

200g unsalted butter (7 oz)
200g caster sugar (7 oz)
200g self raising flour (7 oz)
2 tsp baking powder
50g cocoa powder (1 ¾ oz)
4 medium eggs
100ml milk (½ cup)
100ml Baileys (½ cup)

Bottom chocolate sponge:

The same amount of ingredients but this time without Baileys and a tsp of vanilla essence instead.


250g unsalted butter (8 ¾ oz)
750g icing sugar (26 ½ oz)
100ml Baileys (½ cup)


600ml double cream (2 ½ cups)
100g cocoa powder (½ cup)


Preheat oven 180°c

: Butter 2 large 20cm cake tins that are 9cm deep, with a removable base
: Put all the cake ingredients for Baileys sponge in a cake mixer or food processor, blend to a smooth batter.

At this point my niece and nephew danced with me to Harry Belafonte.

Pour in one of the cake tins and let it bake for 50 minutes

9 After cleaning your mixer, blend all the ingredients for chocolate sponge.
: Pour this in the second tin and also bake for 50 minutes.

;When both cakes are done, chill out, maybe have a nap!
They have to be cold before you spread buttercream.

: Put the butter and icing sugar in a mixer and add the Baileys in small amounts. This took me a while, stick with it!

: Spread the buttercream on the chocolate sponge and lay the Baileys sponge in place on top.

: Make the covering by whisking the cream and cocoa, until cream forms peaks.

< Decorate with your favourite chocolates and dust cocoa powder for that extra 'boom'.

Next Time
More Baileys?

Favourite Song

ê 'Don't Walk Away' By Jade

Store in the fridge.