31 August 2011

The Full Danish

'The Best of Janet Jackson' By Janet Jackson

She played in Seattle recently and I wish I was there, got nothing but love for the Jackson's.

Oliver played 'Control' the night before this breakfast and it was so good to hear while I was cooking.

For the rest of the weekend, most of her songs were playing in my head.

Anyway back to business....

Benedicte and Oliver showed me how to live, eat and drink like a Dane for 3 days.

This is what we ate after our heavy night out, now what I'm used to is a plate of beans, greasy bacon, sausages, hash browns, mushrooms, basically a lot of stuff fried! 

Weetabix eat your heart out...

The idea of cheese, chives, rum flavoured pastries, chocolate pastries, mayonnaise, cold sausage, marmalade and rye bread washed down with chocolate milk sounds a bit controversial, but actually all of it tasted pretty damn good. 

Rye bread is a true Dane staple, and I really enjoyed tasting it with different toppings. Before I ventured out to Denmark I always thought it was a boring sort of bread, and something you buy if you are on a crazy diet, next to Ryvita and rice cakes.

The breakfast was SO good; maybe it was the variety that made it tasty. Over in London I am so used to everything being on a plate, but this time I had a little blank plate with a slice of Rye, and I could put whatever I wanted on it.

I’m not sure it has beaten ‘The Full English’ I love beans too much.

Favourite song from Janet Jackson

ê 'Together Again' 
ê 'Got 'Til It's Gone' Featuring Q Tip and Joni Mitchell