10 August 2011

Masala Scrambled Eggs

Bhaji on the Beach [Soundtrack] by Various Artists

Last weekend my mum told me what she used to eat for breakfast, she was raised in Gujarat, the western state of India. Mornings consisted of a hot rotlo in one hand and half a mango in the other. At that moment a sharp pain of guilt pinched me, because I complained about the selection of cereals at home.

A rotlo is a bread-like staple food of many parts of Gujarat, made generally of millet flour that is kneaded and patted into a flat, circular shape before being cooked on an earthen or metal hot plate.

In England the 'Full English' is as British as you can get, the ‘fry up’ fills me up on a Sunday and sorts the hangover out, with an overdose of meat and carbs.

I wonder what the 'Full Indian' would look like on a plate? 
Definitely an area to explore soon...

After asking family and Internet searching I found that in India breakfast is consumed later in the day, so even a chickpea curry, rice and chapatti could be served.

Breakfast varies in different parts of India and I don't know them all, but if you know a popular breakfast dish mention it on this blog.

I firmly believe that you can eat whatever you want for breakfast, so this is my Gujarati style scrambled eggs on toast:

Recipe for one

2 eggs
Half a tsp Leelu Masala (Green Masala, a blend of green chilli's, garlic cloves and fresh ginger)
I have mentioned this paste many times on the blog and called it different things but the above is the proper name, and below is what it should look like.

Mum's batch.

Ingredients Continued:
Naan Bread
Hot Sauce
Vegetable Oil


: In a small frying pan heat 1 tbsp vegetable oil

+ eggs
+ green masala

+ finely chopped coriander

: Scramble for a few minutes then turn off.

Put small size naan in toaster

< Serve straight away with hot sauce, extra coriander and cup of chai

Next time:
Instead of hot sauce might try cucumber raita.

Favourite Song:
ê Mera Laung Giwacha (I lost my nose stud) by Mussarat Nazir