3 August 2011

Great Balls of Goats Cheese and Chorizo.

♬ Top Gun Deluxe Edition

▶ Serves 2
Cous Cous
Sundried Tomatoes
Unearthed Hot Spicy Cooking Chorizo, chopped (4)
Unearthed Greek Goats Cheese Balls with Mint (8 balls)
Olive oil

: Boil kettle and pour over cous cous, just enough to cover the top

; leave to cook, no heat required

: Fry the chorizo in olive oil, wait for the oil to turn red and then that's done!
: Chop sundried tomatoes and coriander

9 Back to the cous cous

+ cheese balls
+ sundried tomatoes

< Let it cool for a few minutes.

⤵ Quick and easy lunch, will make it for friends next week without the chorizo for the veggie lovers.

ê Take My Breath Away by Berlin, one of my top 10 love songs.