15 August 2011

Pomegranate Ketchup

No more film soundtracks for a while, time for you to listen to my own playlists. 

I LOVE ketchup because it is easy, convenient, salty and sweet. I ate this for lunch, yes the whole thing! After one sensible nibble, my taste buds told me to stop being so polite, so I grabbed this with both hands and enjoyed every bite.

Hot Dog Playlist:

'Creep' by TLC
'Right Here' by SWV
'No -One Else' by Mary J Blige
'You're Makin' Me High' By Toni Braxton
'I Wanna Be Down' by Brandy
'Flavour Of The Old School' By Beverley Knight
'Back and Forth' by Aaliyah
'U Know What's Up' By Donell Jones Feat Left Eye
'Ghetto Superstar' By Pras (Introducing Mya)
'Me and U' By Cassie

Recipe for 1 starving hot dog lover


2 pork and leek sausages
1 tbsp Heinz  tomato ketchup
50g Pomegranate seeds
medium baguette
50g fresh rocket


: In a mini blender add the ketchup and pomegranate and blend until smooth. The seeds might be visible but don't worry about that. Season and taste.
: Fry the sausages with 1 tsp veg oil, or you could grill them.
: Cut open the baguette in the middle and stuff with rocket

< Serve just like how I have.

Next Time
 I will make a big batch for the next bbq or picnic. I can imagine this sauce would be amazing on a burger, or even on its own with chips.

Favourite Song

This is tough but it has to be:

ê 'Back and Forth' By Aaliyah