16 August 2011

Thai Chicken Soup


I've been to Bangkok and loved all the food there, but was amazed to find the same local flavours when I ate at Thaila Thai in Melbourne.

Melbourne...such a distant memory now! 

Last night I re created a Thai dish that I ate at Thaila Thai years ago, a flavour that left a lasting memory on my tongue.

I first cooked this soup for housemates two years ago, and one of them wanted this recipe, so here it is with a starter of tracks that remind me of Melbourne.

My Aussie Travel Album:

'Bamboo Banga' By M.I.A
'We Get On' By Kate Nash
'Who The Fuck?' By PJ Harvey
'Standing in the Way of Control' By The Gossip
'Back In Your Head' By Tegan and Sarah
'Bleeding Love' By Leona Lewis
'Slow Night, So Long' By Kings of Leon
'Yr Mangled Heart' By The Gossip
'Cat on the Wall' By PJ Harvey
'Boyz' By M.I.A
'All I Want Is You' By Barry Louis Polisar

Recipe for 2


3 fresh basil leaves
2 freeze dried, kaffir lime leaves
half a stick of fresh lemongrass
1 small piece of galangal
1 tsp fish sauce
2 cloves of garlic
20g fresh coriander
2tsp chilli oil
3 small whole green chilli's

For the soup:
3 spring onions chopped
1 tbsp veg oil
380g chicken mini fillets, chopped in chunks
100g fine beans chopped in half
half a can of coconut milk
100ml water
Maldon salt


Blend all the ingredients for the marinade

: Put in a large bowl with the chicken and stir

II Leave in the fridge.

: In a big pot add the veg oil with the spring onions

9 Take the chicken out the fridge, add to the pan and stir. 

When chicken turns white:

+ coconut milk
+ water
+ fine beans 
+ salt

< Simmer for 20 minutes

 Next Time:
I will cook this for friends on my next visit to Melbourne.

Favourite Song

ê 'Yr Mangled Heart' By The Gossip

Saw Beth Ditto perform this live, and would do anything to see her sing it again, even add 5 more chilli's to this recipe.