2 August 2011


♬ The Best of Bond...James Bond

Nice and hot today, had one of these when I had 10 minutes to put my feet up!

Madeira Cake
Raspberry Jam
Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Coulis
Ambrosia Custard
Fresh Mango
Double Cream
Billingtons Caster Sugar

:Whisk the double cream until your arm and cream feels stiff.
:Slice the Madeira cake horizontally, spread jam and sandwich back together, cut into cubes. 
:Put one or two cubes at the bottom of your chosen glasses/ dishes.
:Sprinkle with caster sugar.

+ Coulis, just enough to cover the cake.
+ Chosen chopped fruit, or a mixture.
+ Custard
+ Cream
+ Fruit on top to serve

< Refrigerate until ready to serve

9 If I could go back I would use my home baked sponge, MacBlack raspberry jam, raspberries, blackberries and lemon curd instead of coulis.

⤵ Definitely worth repeating this recipe, especially today I was the target in a water fight. 

ê License to Kill by Gladys Knight, incredible on the highest volume in the kitchen.