27 September 2011

Blue Monday Chicken Pie

The traditional pie and mash to end Monday, why Blue Monday? Simply because I heard New Order, and created a playlist to compliment the dreaded day of the week.

I am gutted about one thing: after I took this photo I happily ate and had a good chat to my brother.

Hold on...my viewers won't actually be able to see what is IN THE PIE!

So sorry about that, this is me all over. I get excited about a dish, start eating it then realise its too late to take a decent picture. Both tasted so good, my vocabulary cannot stretch to  describe how incredibly delicious this was. 

Pie and mash is one of my favourite winter meals, but yesterday heard that the UK would be having a heat wave this week! Well this 'heat wave' better be in the parts of London I hang out. All I'm seeing is pure rain and dark clouds, and then cycle home to cook something, just so I can get the right lighting for the finished dish.

The lighting like in the above picture will happen a few times a week. I use my iphone, not a digital single lens reflex big monstrous camera that gives me neck ache!

'Blue Monday' By New Order
'Love Will Tear Us Apart' By Joy Division
'Let's Dance' By David Bowie
'Numb/Encore' By Jay-Z and Linkin Park
'Stole' By Kelly Rowland
'Common People' By Pulp
'You Come Through' By PJ Harvey
'If I Can't' By 50 Cent
'Hound Dog' By Elvis Presley
'Chasing Pavements' By Adele

Chicken and Bacon Pie with Cheesy Mash.

Serves 1.


Pie Filling:

Olive oil
Chicken breast mini fillets 170g 
2 unsmoked bacon rashers, chopped.
thyme (2 sprigs)
rosemary (leaves from 2 sprigs)
1 garlic clove
1 tbsp mascarpone cheese
50ml milk
4 chestnut mushrooms sliced.

Mashed Potato:

2 large potatoes (I always keep skin on)
Cream cheese (two teaspoons)
Milk (a drop of this, depending on how creamy you like your mash)

You will need:
Ready to roll puff pastry


Preheat oven 200°c
: Boil your potatoes.
: Fry chicken, bacon and garlic in olive oil on a low heat.
: Add the rosemary, thyme and mushrooms.
: Stir through the mascarpone cheese, season and pour into a small pie dish.
: Brush the edges of pie dish with egg and cover with a small sheet of puff pastry.
: Brush egg over the pastry and prick over with a fork.
: Pop in the oven for 20 minutes until sauce bubbles through the pastry.
: The potatoes should be done so drain water and start mashing. Add the cream cheese last, but with butter and milk add how much you want.

< Serve straight away with gravy and vegetables.

Next Time:
⤵ Will cover the pie dish, leaving a lot more pastry hanging over the side.

Favourite Song:

ê 'Let's Dance' By David Bowie

One more thing:

Blue Monday also refers to something else, click here.